Why Self-Care Matters

Why Self-Care Matters

You hear the phrase “self-care” a lot lately, but really, do you know why self-care matters? Is it really so important, or is it simply another way for people to practice self-absorption? You know, be selfish and put themselves first. Oh ya, I went there, because it’s female human nature to go there with ourselves.


1. care of the self without medical or other professional consultation.

That doesn’t sound like a bad thing now does it? I mean, we’ve talked it about it before.

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Why Aren’t Women Better About It?

Many women are not kind to themselves, myself included. We push ourselves to the furthest point we can to get things done. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves every day. We give and give and give to everyone and save ourselves for last. Think about it.

Do you remember a day when you didn’t think, “I HAVE to get this done…” or “I can’t finish my day without doing X,” no matter how tired you are?

We Need to STOP Practicing Self-Care…

…and START DOING IT! Many of us know how to do it, we don’t need to practice. We need to START taking care of ourselves, putting our needs first. When we get sick, we need to slow down and let ourselves heal. When we hurt ourselves, we need to slow down and let ourselves heal.

Wait, I think I see a trend here. Slow Down. Heal. Ourself. Yes, I’m beginning to see it!

We Need to Slow Down and Take Care of Ourselves

We work hard, sometimes harder than we need to. Those of us who do that often play hard now and then to make up for all that work. We burn the candle at both ends. Some of us don’t play at all. We veg, exhausted, and we try to tell ourselves that’s how we take care of ourselves.

I’m a single girl living in a #kidfreezone and there really is no one to look after me (except my amazing tribe, but it’s not their day-to-day job.) Now, I am not trying to sound pitiful, it’s just a fact of my life. Everything in my existence falls to me to take care of. Need money? I have to work. Need a car? I have to work. Need a meal? I have to work (but I don’t always have to cook!) Living the #sololife can sometimes be…lonely. For me? It’s very easy to work too hard.

Self-Care Matters, Dammit!

Yes, it really does! Do you know what else? If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have nothing to offer the world. Let’s face it, we all have a lot of coolness to offer the world!

Read a licensed psychologist’s thoughts on why Self-Care matters.

Self-care doesn’t take the place of living a balanced life.

No, it does not. What it does do is give you the opportunity to live a more balanced life by knowing what you need to be healthy, balanced, and happy. Let’s go over that again.

repeat after me, self-care matters!

Self-care helps you be well. That matters to you. It matters to your tribe and your people. Being well matters to your family. So, in a rather roundabout way, you’ll be taking care of yourself, your peeps, and humanity!

Are you going to be better about your self-care? I sure hope so. I know I’m working on it myself. It’s not always easy, but we can do it!

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Here’s to all of us women doing out part to take better care of ourselves!

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