Why Arbonne?

Why Arbonne?

I feel I need to explain why I use Arbonne products. Direct sales gets a bad rap. People think evil MLM, pyramid scheme, yada yada. Truth be told, when you work with and are a customer of a successful, stable company, it’s none of those things (or it’s not supposed to be.) Direct sales can be a very lucrative and fulfilling option for many! I love to support my direct sales peeps.

The First Three Companies

I have worked with other direct sales companies. I joined each of them for different reasons. Company #1 was on a whim. A stranger I met in a non-related group reached out in an effort to help me when I was feeling low. The company and people were awesome, but I was unable to use the products.

I joined Company #2 after a great deal of soul searching. It was a start-up. I signed on with a rockstar team of get’er done ladies and chose the mentors I knew would help me be most successful. Well, things change. The amazing mentors had to move on, and I was bounced around to a few teams for a bit. When I finally landed with a team that I related to, I was burning out. My warm market was non-existent, and I wasn’t selling enough to make it worth my time and effort. I like and believe in the product, but it was no longer the right fit for me.

Company #3 was, well, another whim. It was another start-up on a team with amazing ladies. AMAZING! I liked the products well enough, but I didn’t use them. I also wasn’t able to sell them. Again, not a good fit.

Why Arbonne?

After all that, why on earth would I want to know about Arbonne? I have this friend, a very bestest of friends. A friend that I met in the sixth grade. We met again in high school and though life has tossed us curve balls and opportunities, we are still friends 30ish years later.

30ish years of friendship includes a level of trust. My friend had joined Arbonne several months ago. She was using many of the products and was seeing amazing results. She let me know what she was doing and the changes she was seeing, and I quietly followed her story.

I began researching the company. Arbonne has been around for 30 years. The product line is totally in line with my ideals. Arbonne offers a holistic approach to healthy living inside and out with it’s nutritional, skincare and make-up lines. They use botanically based ingredients to produce products that are pure, safe, and vegan.

The Beginning of the Journey

I’m at a point in my life where I’m tired of back pain, migraines, the stupid plantar fasciitis, not sleeping, and being overweight. It sucks. I am on a journey to make changes in my life.

Read more about my why here…

I chose to purchase the 30-Days to Healthy Living package. It consists of a number of nutritional items to use for 30-days, along with sensible meals and snacks. I had to give some things up – dairy, alcohol, gluten, sugar, high acidic foods – but that’s ok! I probably needed to do that anyhow.

30 days to Wellness package from Arbonne

When my box arrived, I was surprised by how big and heavy it was. I opened it and found a LOT of stuff! Two bags of shakes, daily fiber, cleansing tea, fizzy beverage sticks, more cleansing stuff, oh my! I actually closed the box and set it aside for a day, feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, I got everything out of the box and went through it. There were enough products to last me 30-days or more, and I realized, maybe I could DO this!

30-Days to Healthy Living

Day 1 was pretty straight forward. Protein shake for breakfast, fizzy water, lots more water, grapes for a snack, salad for lunch, shake for dinner, more snacks. I survived day 1!

Arbonne My First Shake Vanilla and Chocolate 30 days to Wellness

Day 2 I had jury duty. I managed to get a bottle of water to pour the fizzy into, but that was it. We weren’t given a break until I was released mid-afternoon. Let’s just say I ate so I wouldn’t get a headache and decided to start again on day 3.

Day 3 I found myself sipping a shake for dinner. I did the breakfast/snack thing and a big healthy salad with chicken and seeds for lunch, another snack and am now on to the shake dinner. I decided to do my sensible meal mid-day so I don’t run the risk of getting hungry at work. I drank a LOT of water. Not as much as I should, but more than I have been.

So that’s my Arbonne story. I continued on and saw some nice results that made me happy. I plan to continue using many of the products. Follow along and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. That reminds me, I need to take my measurements…

What kind of journey have you done lately? Are you making changes in your life?

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And if you’d like more information about Arbonne, let me know! I’ll be happy to share my experience.

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