What is a Tribe?

What is a Tribe?

You’re no doubt heard the term “find your tribe”, but what exactly is a tribe?

A group of friends that becomes your family. The people that will be there for you no matter what and who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with. Although people may not understand how close they are and their relationships with each other, it doesn’t matter because they all understand it and love each other.

Definition of a Tribe from Urban Dictionary

My tribe consists of “my people”, “my peeps”, “my besties”, the people closest to me that may or may not be family. They are the people I would walk through fire for, and they would do the same for me. I feel fortunate every day that I found my tribe.

Why Do We Need a Tribe?

Tribes are there for each other. They share the good times, the bad times, the fun times, the outrageous times.

They feed your soul. A visit with them can turn a bad day around or make a great day even better. Why? Because they are your people!

They are there for you through births, weddings, celebrations, funerals, divorces, for better or for worse, ’til death do they part. Sometimes they are there in person, sometimes they are there from a distance, and sometimes they are there in spirit.

Recently a friend’s father took a turn for the worst. We were there for her as much as we could be, in all of the above ways, and as much as she would let us. When he passed, we were still there to providing support and strength, and we continue to be there for her any way possible for as long as she needs. It’s what we do. It’s a tribe thing. It’s a “you’re my people” thing.

Mental and Spiritual Health

Everyone has life events…the events vary for each person. To have people to go through thick and thin with is pretty amazing. People to travel with, celebrate with, mourn with, hang out with – those people keep our mind and spirit healthy. Spending time with your people is an excellent form of self-care. It feeds your soul and your mind and helps you keep balance in your life.

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So, What is a Tribe?

Tribes can be siblings, friends, cousins, aunts, mothers, and even…people of the opposite sex! Tribes will nurture, support, and love you unconditionally. They will show up with wine and food, take you out to dinner or shopping or to the movies or just sit on your couch and listen. Tribes are always in the background, sending you the warm, fuzzy, positive vibes.

I’ve recently learned that a friend has cancer. Not the kind you want a friend to have. Her tribe is freaking amazing. So much love and support! It’s wonderful to know that she is so cared for. And there are a lot of people in her tribe. Her family, her friends, her colleagues, a lot of people. No matter what the future holds for her, the love and support she receives will do so, so much for her. It will lift her when she’s down, hug her when she needs a hug, support her when she’s weak. May we all have people in our lives like that.

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