Walking Workout Day 1

Walking Workout Day 1

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Today’s episode of Walking Workout was brief. I walked four blocks. I know four blocks aren’t that far, but it was better than nothing.

My back has been acting up and today was extra special. I’m not sure why, but it was pretty angry.

I decided to take a short walk so I could get some lunch. There is a great little hole in the wall Poké place down the street. My rationale was, it would be a nice treat AND I could get a short walk in.

Why am I walking? Catch up here…

I set off to get my Poké on.

It was a rather warm (hot) day here in Central Florida, but it was nice to be outside. I arrived at the Poké Fish and made my selections. If you’re ever in South Tampa and feel a need for “…Hawaiian style fast casual concept bringing the freshest and most flavorful raw ingredients to your bowl and body,” you should check them out. I liken it to deconstructed sushi.

Walking Workout Day 1 to the Poke Fish
“Regular” size bowl from Poké Fish

My eyes were MUCH bigger than my stomach, as often happens when I go Poké. I always say I will control myself, and then I don’t. I should have ordered the small cup, but I got the regular bowl instead. So. Much.

My bowl consisted of rice, spicy tuna, Poké sauce, cilantro, mango, pineapple, cucumber, macadamia nuts, toasted coconut, soy sauce, and spicy mayo. I got a bonus arm workout because it was so heavy!

I walked back to work and my back had had enough. Grabbed a BIG bowl from the kitchen so I could mix my bowl up. It was HUGE! So much food! I dug in, and ate about half before my tummy said, “Enough already!” It was sooo good.

Walking Workout, Good or Bad?

I sat for about 10 minutes, then got back to work. My back was happier, and I felt good that I’d gotten a tiny bit of walking in. The rest of the day flew by, and by evening I actually felt like I’d had a teensy tiny bit of exercise. I’ll take it!

To better prepare, I will make sure I have my tank top, shorts, shoes, and socks in the car from now on. Oh, and a water bottle! Gotta have the water bottle.

Walking Workout Day 1 DONE! Now to look at the work calendar and see where I can steal another Saturday to volunteer at parkrun