Things I Learned at Jury Duty

Things I Learned at Jury Duty

I did my civic duty recently, and there are a few things I learned at Jury Duty.

  • Pinellas County has a pretty decent jury waiting area.
  • Get there early to get the good parking spot, short line and awesome seat in the waiting room.
  • Take your phone and iPad. They have free WiFi and charging stations!
  • The coffee and tea are free. A bottle of water is $2.00 (gasp!)
  • You can’t take in an open container of liquid. You CAN take an empty bottle and use their FILTERED WATER FOUNTAIN to fill it!
  • Bring healthy snacks if you’re avoiding dairy and gluten. The vending machine is not your friend.
  • They may tell you there will be a lunch break…don’t trust them. See the previous bullet.
  • Waiting is an excellent time to read or enter your digital receipts into your tax app.
  • Sip your water slowly, there’s no telling when you’ll get a potty break.
  • Don’t let yourself get hangry. You will make faces that suggest you don’t like what you’re hearing.

Famished and hangry, I was released at 1:45 PM. Many of us were hangry. The rest of my day was filled with poor food choices. Water consumption was too low, leaving me feeling icky and unable to catch up.

Things I learned at jury duty drink a fizz stick

One thing I DID do was have the Fizz Stick and Digestion Plus. The Fizz Stick is a temporary “pick me up” that provides a little burst of energy. It is a much healthier option than caffeine, especially for someone like me who has to limit caffeine intake. Digestion Plus is a powdered prebiotic/probiotic formula that helps with digestion and such.

Planning is the Key to Success – What I Learned at Jury Duty

The main thing I learned at jury duty is the importance of planning. When I’m going to be out of my element for a day, I need to get creative.

I could have taken my protein shake mix to add to water at the courthouse. Nuts, fruit, or veggies that don’t need refrigerating could have gone in my purse. Better still, an insulated lunch bag could have held everything I needed! Hummus would have been amazing…We were able to keep our things with us. A large insulated bag would have been perfect.

This was only day 2 on my journey to wellness. I cut myself a little slack. It will take some time to get into my groove. Jury duty isn’t a typical situation, thank goodness!

Read more about why I’m on this journey.

Have you served on a jury before? (I have not!)

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