My favorite resources for living a flip-flop life

This is kind of like being behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain. This page provides information and links to all the resources I use to live a flip-flop life.

Some of the links found on this page may contain links to products I sell as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Please be assured that there will be no additional cost to you should you click through and decide to purchase something I mention. Pinky-swear!


Are you interested in blogging? There is SO much to learn! I set my blog up in about six weeks (and continue to modify and tweak as needed.) Below are the resources I used:

Kick you in your BLOG Accountability Group is the bomb-diggity-bomb of support groups! This is a drama-free Facebook group where you will receive support and accountability for creating and maintaining your blog. The moderators are amazing…the group itself is phenomenal. Looking for peer-to-peer reviews and monthly challenges, and a community of like-minded creatives? This is the group for you! Subscriptions are available a few times a year. Keep an eye out for the next announcement!

DIY BYOB – Do it Yourself Build Your Own Blog is a great way to start up, economically, and on your own. I worked my way through each section, then went back and did it again, this time creating as I went. It’s a great started to get you off the ground. BUT, if you’re looking for value…

New Blogger Bundle includes DIY BYOB as well as the incredibly helpful Keywords, Categories and Tags for SEO Awesomeness and Evernote for Bloggers courses. This is the Bundle I started with! There is so much to learn, and these three courses really helped me work my way through it all.