My Second 30 Days to Healthy Living

My Second 30 Days to Healthy Living

I have completed my second 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge. Where did July go? One day it was the 4th of July and I had a wicked migraine. Now it’s the end of the month, time to regroup and review.

I did much better this time around. I weighed myself, took measurements, enhanced my food choices, and kinda rocked it. Except when I didn’t. Let me explain…

I Wasn’t 100%

I probably rocked it about 4-5 days a week. On the “off days” I did avoid dairy and a lot of gluten. That has helped a lot with bloating and inflammation. I honestly didn’t notice any kind of change until the third week. That tells me it was gradual.

My goals for the 30-days to healthy living program - feel better, gut health, improve sleep, lose inches, weight loss.

Week 3 Victory

In week three, I was told that I looked like I lost weight. From the back. Hmmm. OK, I said thank you and laughed. If I look better while leaving the room, that’s cool!

A few days later I was told, “You’ve lost weight.” She could see it in my face. She also said I was less “puffy”. I agreed and told her I’d just begun to notice, and I thanked her.

This made me curious enough that I got on the scale…and I was down five pounds. FIVE POUNDS! I can’t express how excited I was, how excited I still am! It’s been a very long time since my weight has budged. What the doctor says is true, “The older you get, the harder it is…”

What Worked?

Arbonne Fit Chews in Caramel and Arbonne Protein Snack Bar in Iced Lemon
Top: Fit Chews – Caramel
Bottom: Protein Snack Bar – Iced Lemon
  • I ate MUCH less sweet, sugar-filled food. Not that I’m big into sweets, but they are everywhere at work.
  • I ate more greens.
  • I made sure I ate a lot of good protein.
  • Protein shakes with frozen berries were what I had for breakfast five days a week. Given that I don’t typically eat breakfast, that was a big change.
  • Protein Snack Bars (lemon is my favorite) and Caramel Fit Chews took the place cookies, chips, crackers…all the things that I grab at and blindly eat most days…
  • …except on that day that customers brought three birthday cakes to work. Oops. Really, a girl can’t be held responsible when there are THREE cakes, can she?

What Did I Learn in the Last 30 Days?

  • I CAN do this!
  • On the whole, I feel better. I sleep a bit better and am less achy.
  • Many days my ankles didn’t swell as bad as they usually do.
  • I need to start taking the Digestion Plus again. My gut flora is begging me! The increase in heartburn, headaches and bad tummy tells me it wasn’t smart to skip it.
  • I need to drink the Herbal Detox Tea more often. It really helps flush the toxins and puts a good start to my day. Also, one day I was feeling miserable sick to my tummy, and I sipped that tea all day. It really helped settle things down.
  • In the thick of a migraine is not the time to cut water consumption. Half an Energy Fizz Stick (I like pomegranate) will flavor 16 ounces of water enough to make it palatable for me when nothing is going down easily.
  • I drink Energy Fizz Sticks every day. I add one to 32-ounces of water once a day. They really do give a little energy boost!
Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks in Pomegranate and Citrus and Arbonne Fit Chews in Caramel
Energy Fizz Sticks in Pomegranate and
Citrus; Chews in Caramel

Another 30 Days?

I confess I’ve taken the week off. I’ve had a few cookies, a little bread, a bit of pasta and a wee bit of wine. I honestly don’t want much, and am not craving the foods I love that aren’t my best choices near as much as I was a month ago.

I like being five pounds lighter. So, I’m going for another 30 days starting in September. It’s become pretty easy for me, and I spend a lot less on food!

Here’s a recap of the first 30 Days…

I Spent Less on Food?

How is that possible? I’ve cut my monthly food bill in half. HALF! I’m eating out less and I’m spending smarter at the grocery store. That’s pretty darn good. I still eat out, but I’m smarter about it. I still dislike grocery shopping, but I’m making the effort.

Now, I confess that one Protein Shake a day is the minimum I should do on the 30-Day program. As a result, my shake mix has lasted a lot longer than it normally would. Still, I am totally good with losing five pounds s l o w l y.

Would you like more information on the 30-Days to Healthy Living program I’m doing and how to SAVE 40% off Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the products I use? Leave a comment or shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you!

Here’s to all of our good health.

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