My Do-Over

My Do-Over

Everyone should get a do-over, don’t you think?. Now is the time to get my butt in gear and get moving again.

Why am I taking a do-over? “Why not?” “It’s time.” Vague answers.

The purpose of this blog is to share my do-over, to capture the things I am doing to make improvements to myself, my finances, my health…I guess you could say, my life. How does one do that? They START again. Let’s look at how I got here…

Why it's time for my do-over. The  ankle injuries required the boot, three times over two years.
This boot was worn on three separate occasions in a two year time period. Note the grey Crocs flip-flop.


The proverbial train started wavering on the tracks in 2015. I had grand plans to train to run the Disney Princess 5K or Half Marathon to celebrate my 50th birthday.  There was one year to train. I did some 5k races, trained, and declared I would never be a runner. All I needed to do was walk really, really fast. I even signed on for coaching. This was serious stuff!

On the evening of December the 25th I tumbled down three steps. Three little steps! My ankle sustained the third injury in two years that night. This was the third injury to the same ankle in 15 months. My dream of the Disney Princess 5K for my birthday was gone…in three little steps. 


In 2016, the proverbial train completely derailed.  On January 11, 2016, I fell from the top rung of a 6-foot ladder resulting in a severe head injury that took nearly two years to recover from, and life would never be the same.

On April 7, 2016, the mother died after many years of health issues. She decided to give up and no one could change her mind. I was unable to travel to the funeral, as it’s not good to fly with a skull fracture and a huge lump on your head.

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On November 26, 2016, the father died as well. He died eating dinner, which I hope made him happy. He loved a good dinner and he loved to eat.


I kept saying I would start walking again. I didn’t. Truth be told, I was terrified of falling again and hurting my ankle or my head. Every day I woke up, I was grateful to simply have woken up. I took a lot less for granted. Fear and routine were the new normal.


My head injury found a resting point and the surprises stopped coming.  July of 2018, my foot started bothering me.  The OTHER foot.  By November I had a good idea of what was going on and asked the doctor. Yup. Plantar fasciitis.  Someone up there was really testing me now.  That’s a little bugger that can really mess with you. Did I mention it was my GOOD foot?

2019 Here We Come!

Here we are in 2019.  My 53rd birthday came and went in February.  I found myself in flux again.  None of what was going on in my life was…enough. 

I made changes to the side-gigs I was working on and started planning this new blog. I needed to start over, to simplify. These were changes I could easily make on the road to starting over.

In February I cheered on some amazing ladies I know who did the Disney Princess Half.  As happy as I was for them, I found myself crying most of that day.  I was angry and disappointed with ME. I had allowed three years to pass without even trying.

After a lot of soul searching, I threw it into the universe in April. Disney in 2022. Training had to begin. I had to find my shoes and buy new socks.

Life had become overwhelming. That became my normal. If it could go wrong or be totally messed up, it pretty much did.  I was over it. It was time to give all this mojo back to the universe. I wanted a do-over.

Flip-flops and running shoes are part of my do-over

Why Now?

Let’s return to the beginning. It’s time for me to start over.  Plus, I want Disney in 2021 and the only way to pull that off is by starting over.  Will my body let me do a Half Marathon? I don’t have a clue. If I don’t START, I’ll never know.

Plus, there’s bling to be had! Pretty medals and I bet some awesome emotional bling as well.

So, there we go. Goals = START, IMPROVE, CHANGE, DISNEY 2022.

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