My 30 Days To Make a Change Challenge Results

My 30 Days To Make a Change Challenge Results

So, what were my personal 30-Days to Make a Change challenge results? I’m super, duper excited to report that I am absolutely ecstatic. Let me tell you something, change is good and I’ve seen changes!

How Did I Do It?

Cleaner Eating, Sensible Choices & Serving Sizes:

  • Protein shakes 1-2 times a day
  • Veggies and quality meat (mostly chicken)
  • Healthy snacks)
  • Eating when I was hungry and not when I THOUGHT I should eat
  • Very little gluten and dairy
  • Very few tasty beverages (wine, vodka tonics, margaritas…)
  • Only three tacos made with quality ingredients
  • More rest and sleep than I usually get
  • A LOT of water
  • Focusing on making healthy changes and not giving in to cravings

When I experienced my little health issue a while back, the doctor told me to stop eating gluten, dairy, beef, spicy foods, rich foods, and to allow my gut to heal and give it some time. I did, and I have definitely seen improvements.

My gluten and dairy intake were almost non-existent. Almost. I’m honest, there was a little sour creme here, a bit of bread there. Dairy was about 98%, gluten about 90%. Along with bread, I’m not good at identifying gluten on the fly, and there was a lot on the fly. Some things I thought were gluten-free were not. Now I know.

A Few Things I’ve Noticed…

First, let’s talk about heartburn. I’ve taken Prilosec every other day for years. If I don’t, I get horrible heartburn and acid reflux. I was dog-sitting and my tablet slipped and fell down the drain. I panicked, as it was the only one I had. Then I forgot about it. Day 1, fine, Day 2, fine, Day 3, fine, Day 4 I realized I’d not had one in four days and I had zero issues! WOW.

I have not had a migraine nor another IBS attack since I implemented these changes. That blows my mind.

Blows. My. Mind.

The last time I went a month without a migraine was when I went 80% raw for a month. Talk about a challenge, THAT was a crazy time.

As for the IBS? There were a few occasions when I knew I’d eaten too much or something too spicy or something that just didn’t want to sit right. The good news is that it was temporary discomfort and I did not experience another attack. I also have a list of things that I really need to stay away from, which I didn’t know at the beginning of the month.

Read about my IBS attack here

Challenge Results Epilogue

I’m very pleased with my results. I will continue on less formally and see how it goes! Now, I’m not a medical professional or anything, so I can’t say “X will solve all your problems!” All I can do is share my experiences. (I will say, it’s my personal opinion that they world could use less dairy and gluten in their lives, but that’s just my opinion based on what I have learned about how those products are made.) More on that another time.

If you’re interested in what products I used, give me a shout. I’ll be happy to tell you. None of it is rocket science. A lot is good old fashion whole foods, avoiding as much processed food as possible and using a handful of products that I feel have made a big difference.

Did you challenge yourself? Drop a comment or come chat about it over on my Facebook Page. Like what you see here? Follow along so you don’t miss a thing. Just fill out the form below and I’ll take care of the rest.

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I just hit my one year mark of no migraines and no acid reflux. I relate this directly to Digestion Plus!
For this 30 day challenge I lost 4 pounds, but wasn’t as strict as I should have been.

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