Hurricane, IBS and a Challenge

Hurricane, IBS and a Challenge

This week has been special what with a hurricane, IBS and a challenge right around the corner. We have a major hurricane headed toward Florida, which does nothing to help my IBS situation, and the 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge starts next week! Ironically, the day after the hurricane is due to arrive…

The Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian 5 PM August 30, 2019
We have no idea if it will follow this course or not! I prefer earthquakes.

I’m on the west coast of Florida. Currently, the annoying Dorian is slated to hit the east coast of Florida. Where he lands, nobody knows. Rumor has it that Jim Cantore arrived in Vero Beach yesterday, not really knowing where to go from there. Not sure how to feel about that! We all know if he shows up in your town…This evening’s update says it’s moving further to the south. No matter where Dorian ends up, my heart goes out to all in its path.

I despise hurricanes. I grew up with earthquakes. They are quick, you don’t know they are coming so you don’t worry for a week, and they are often over before you realize it was an earthquake.

I was in the San Francisco Bay Area (in the East Bay) when the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 hit. That was not fun. That was devastating for so, so many people. I felt it, and I didn’t like it. Had I known a week ahead of time what would happen, I’d have lost my mind.

What’s This Mean for Me?

I have no idea. It totally depends where that sucker decides to go, and it’s far too early to know anything. That means I will worry and obsess for days, which does absolutely nothing to help the IBS situation!

Hurricanes do what they want to. I’ve learned that in 22 years as a resident of Florida. I don’t like them. Did I mention I don’t like them?


When I’m really stressed, it often manifests in my tummy. I barely eat, I feel sick constantly, and well, I’m just a mess.

It would be really nice if a side effect of this were weight loss! Sadly, that never happens.

I’ve had a rough week, not really bouncing back from the big attack. The pain is gone, but it feels like someone is tap-dancing in my tummy. All. The. Time.

The Challenge

The 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge starts in a few days. I’m excited! Given my current dietary restrictions, I don’t have to worry about a lot of variety in my meals. I’ll probably live on the same thing, or a variation of it, all month. I’m shooting for weight loss, but the challenge can be anything for anyone.

Join the Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Is there something you would like to challenge yourself to for 30 days? You can read more about it by clicking here.

Are we Facebook pals? If not, head over to my page and follow me. I’m also on Instagram. Heck, I’m all over the place. I’d love to have you hang out with me!

And if you’re in the path of this wretched hurricane, please stay safe and get the heck out if they tell you to.

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