How’s Your 30-Day Challenge Going?

How’s Your 30-Day Challenge Going?

It’s been about a week, how’s your challenge going? Are you having a lot of good days? Just getting by each day? Trying to remember what challenge I’m talking about?

My Update

When last we chatted here, I was having a bit of an IBS issue. Well, that reared it’s ugly head the Saturday before Labor Day and hung out all week. I was up all night that Saturday, convinced it was going to die from…you guessed it, gas. Death by gas. I could see my tombstone and all my friends giggling at the wake. It’s ok, I would giggle too.

The next day, I collapse at 11:00 AM and basically slept (with very few moments of consciousness) until 11:00 AM Monday. Then I slept some more.

The pain was the worst yet. All kinds of crazy was happening, and I was not a happy girl.

But, That Pain! That was a Whole Different Challenge…

The challenge of pain of childbirth
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Can I just say that I am SO glad I’ve never given birth. The pain I had was excruciating. I can’t even imagine how all you rockstar mamas have survived childbirth. Seriously. I’m not that strong. I am not worthy.

But I digress.

I Drank My Food for Four Days

I didn’t eat more than a couple of mouthfuls of bland food for two days. Then I tried some broth and brown rice. My body didn’t love it, but it didn’t completely revolt.

I refused to eat at work because what if “something” happened??? No WAY I was going there! No way, no how, nope nope nope.

Thursday night I had a tiny bit of soup and falafel…because falafel makes me happy. Not the best choice, but it stayed down with little fuss.

Friday and Saturday were better still. By Sunday, I felt like I could eat again without fear. Well, maybe a little fear.

Fearful Eating is not an ideal diet plan.


I Didn’t Die

All week, as I tried something without issue, I said, “I didn’t die.” Now, I shouldn’t joke like that, but that’s kind of how I felt. I had two lousy weeks. What do people with a real problem have to contend with?? I can NOT imagine, and I offer all of my sympathies.

See how this whole thing started.

How’s The Challenge Going for Me?

I did the best I could. I’m back in the saddle now. I’m quite grateful for my Arbonne protein bars and shakes. They kept me going there for a few days, especially the protein shakes. I didn’t always use as suggested but hey, they kept me going. Every day I get a bit more comfy in that saddle.

I experienced pain I’ve never felt, which was enough to scare the crap out of me. Oh, funny, no pun intended. Week 2, clean eating here I come!

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