About Me

Why Learn About Me? I'm fascinating!

Why Hang Out with Me?

Because, just this once, it’s all about me! (Ok that makes me really uncomfortable to say by my SEO score for my page is better if I say it, and I’m totally laughing about it and saying yay 82/100!) But I digress…

…How do you do! My name is Penny and I’m a girl on a path of transformation, building a microbusiness, and changing habits a little bit at a time. I’m working on living my best life with a little less stress, a little more self-care, and a lot better choices for my mind, body, and spirit. There’s so much to learn and do! 

Below are the things you should know about me before you decide we can hang out.

Official “About Me” Information

The following will definitely determine is we’re going to be BFFs and hang out together:

  • No matter how hard I try, I can not spell the words “definitly” and “facinating” to save my soul. I spell them wrong every single time. Every. Single. Time!
  • I wear black Crocs flip-flops nearly all the time, except when I have to wear “real shoes”. Even in winter. Without socks.
  • “Real shoes” are OOFOS loafers for work and running shoes for walking. I haven’t learned to run yet…and I am not being compensated for using the OOFOS link, I just like them that much. And these two pair of shoes are “sensible”.
  • I had a toxic mother. Now I don’t. I probably have decades of therapy waiting for me. If you’d like to read about her and about me, you can check out this post about Mother’s Day.
  • I had a brain injury and lived to tell the tale! AND you can still feel the skull fracture. I like to freak people out with that. I named the huge lump on my head Herman. He’s still with me, but now in the form of the fracture area.
  • I LOVE living by the Gulf of Mexico, except during Hurricane Season. I really dislike Hurricane Season. It seriously causes a lot of anxiety for me.
  • I hope to one day have a vacation home somewhere without hurricanes.
  • I am proud to say I have migraines, depression, and anxiety. Yup, I’m human. I’ve had it for years. I don’t let them get the best or me very often.
  • The Oxford Comma is non-negotiable, but if you feel strongly the other way, we can still be BFFs. You’ll just have to deal with seeing them here.
  • I read and watch a LOT of True Crime stories…a lot. Documentaries, books, movies…and Serial Killers fascinate me. However, it seems to be a thing with ladies in my age group, so it’s totally cool!
  • I had two Siamese cats who were the absolute everything to me for 16 and 13 years respectively. Their names were Max and Cleo. I lost both of them 35 days apart. My heart is currently shattered. I miss my babies.
  • I truly believe you can die from a broken heart because I’ve seen it happen. See above.
  • I NEVER discuss religion, politics or my income. I might comment on someone else’s post or conversation on a very rare occasion, but I won’t discuss these topics as they pertain to me and my personal belief system.
  • I have a kinda wicked sense of humor sometimes, and sometimes, I’m just funny or serious. You never know.
  • I know a lot of weird, random things. Like, there’s 90 feet between bases on a baseball field (have you not seen the movie Major League?) and the creepy “female suit” the killer made in Silence of the Lambs was “borrowed” from what was found in Ed Gein’s home when he was captured. Who is Ed Gein? He’s a super twisted dude and the inspiration for many fictional serial killers including Hannibal Lector and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Norman Bates (Psycho fame.) Also, Marnie Nixon dubbed the voices for Audry Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Natalie Wood in West Side Story, Deborah Kerr in The King and I, and the Cinderella song from the Disney cartoon. See how I used the Oxford Comma there? As I said, weird, random facts.
  • 2020 is my year to take back my life. Body, mind and spirit, they all need a little extra.

If you like a sense of humor, are interested in my mind, body and spirit journey, and are curious about what I’m up to, let’s be BFFs and hang out! I’d love to share the journey with you.

I’m on the Facebook and the Instagram and the Pinterest – heck, I’ve got all kinds of things going on! Let’s keep it simple. You can find me in all the places at this link. You can also fill out the form below to receive my updates, stories, and other fascinating (to me at least) tidbits via email. I haven’t actually sent any yet, but it’s a goal this year to start sending them out.