The 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge

The 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge

You are cordially invited to join me for a little challenge I’m hosting – 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge to feed your body, mind, and/or spirit.

It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do. Choose whatever you want! I’d really love it if you join me so I’m not “challenging” alone.

The challenge period will run from September 3 to October 2, 2019. This gives us plenty of time to decide what to do!

Why 30 Days?

It typically takes 30 days to turn an activity into a habit. If we practice the same activity for 30 days, odds are pretty decent that we just may develop a new habit or embrace a change that feeds the body, mind and/or spirit in some way.

What Makes a Good Challenge?

There are about a gazillion 30 Day Challenges out there in interweblandia. Some popular categories include:

  • Fitness
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Happiness
  • Give Something Up
  • Hobbies
  • Learn Something New
  • Finances
  • Self-Care
  • Attitude

I’ve seen activities such as:

  • Make a to-do list each day
  • Improve sleep
  • Get up earlier
  • Stick to a budget
  • Drink ## glasses of water a day
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Give up (fill in the blank)
  • Learn how to (fill in the blank)
  • Meditate
  • Read 20 pages a day (by month-end you could read as many as three books!)
  • Walk ## Minutes a day
  • Move my body ## minutes a day
  • Ride my bike ## times a week
  • Read a bible passage a day
  • Take my own coffee to work instead of buying it
  • Cook all my meals (or ## a week)
  • Eat out less (quantify that puppy with how much less)
  • Save X dollars

The lists go on and on!

Start here, just start

What Will I Do for 30 Days?

I’m glad you asked. I’m going to do another round of the 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge. Last time I lost 5 pounds in three and a half weeks (I may not have actually gone 30 days…) This time, I’m totally in and committed:

  • It is my goal to lose five pounds again! After all, it’s healthy to lose about a pound a week. I’m happy to shrink a bit (sideways, not lengthwise!) Plus, it can only help this new silly IBS thing I have going on.
  • I’m going to do my level best NOT to eat after 7:00 PM…or 7:30 PM. Ya, let’s go with 7:30 PM. I’m really bad about eating dinner at 9:00 PM or later. That needs to stop.
  • I will continue working on my daily water goal. Recently I discovered the vessel I’ve been drinking from at work is FOUR OUNCES MORE than I thought it was. So, I’ve been much closer to my daily goal than I thought!
  • I will embrace good quality, healthy, alkaline foods that rank low on the glycemic index. This would include non-starchy veggies, beans/legumes/nuts, low-sugar fruit, “good for you” oils (olive, grapeseed, coconut, etc.,) and the occasional avocado. As for eggs and meat, I’ll do my best to not eat anything that comes out of a factory farm.
  • I will steer clear of gluten, caffeine, sugar, coffee, dairy, alcohol, soy…basically foods that considered acidic. Some of this I already avoid. I just don’t avoid them often enough.

But Cheese and Sour Cream are So Good!

Let me tell you a little story about why dairy doesn’t belong in my life. Or, as I recently discovered, super spicy, yummy goodness. Click here to get the whole story.

Previous Challenge Results

The last 30 day challenge I did, people noticed that I was less “puffy” and I was a bit thinner. I noticed that I felt a lot better and my pants were a bit looser. It was a very positive experience for me. Now, I wasn’t as on program as I could have been. There were a few days where I didn’t stick to the plan. That’s ok, I still met my goal to lose 5 pounds.

I’ve had about a month now of eating haphazardly. Cheese and sour cream here, coffee there, the occasional handful of potato chips, the weekly tasty beverage. You get the idea. I am beginning to feel the effects. Plus, you know, two very recent bad attacks of the tummy. It’s time to give my system a jolt and get things back in order.

The Rules for the 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge:

the rules for the 30 days to make a change challenge
  • Register for the 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge using the form at the bottom of this post. You’ll receive confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Choose one thing to do consistently over 30 days. 
  • Download the 30 Days to Make a Change Tracker from your confirmation email.
  • Write down what your challenge is.
  • Add what you wish to achieve.
  • Include your action plan.
  • If there’s a way to measure the progress, write down your starting point on day one.
  • Decide how often you will review your progress
  • Fill out your tracker each day. Make notes, write down progress, and whatever else you want to keep track of.
  • Check-in weekly on my Weekly Update Post (on my Facebook Page) with how you’re doing (no matter how you’re feeling about your challenge.)
  • Participate and be part of the experience. 

What’s In It for You?

Support, support, support! Register for the challenge at the bottom of this post to receive a once a week email of encouragement from me during the challenge period. We will also chat about it over on my Facebook Page. I invite you to take part in the conversation, share, or simply support those who are participating. After all, we’re a cool bunch of super-nice folks who have a lot to offer humankind, don’t ya think?

Who’s With Me?

REMEMBER: You don’t have to say what it is that you’re doing if you don’t want to. I get it, sometimes change is a big, hairy, scary monster we’d rather tackle privately. Just tell me you’re in so I can support you. I’ll be your cheerleader of sorts, I’ll be in the trenches with you, and together we will take on the world!

The 30 days will begin on September 3, 2019 (because no one wants to do a challenge on a three-day weekend.) Registration will remain open until September 7, 2019. Drop a comment here or over on my Facebook Page and share what you think of the idea.

Let’s see what we can accomplish in 30 days!

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