30-Days to Healthy Living Recap

30-Days to Healthy Living Recap

It’s been a month, so it’s time for a 30-Days to Healthy Living recap. My 30-days were OK. They were also less than perfect. As a result, I’ve not seen fantastic results, but I have seen a few that make me hopeful!

What I Learned

I have never been a breakfast kind of gal, with the exception of the occasional breakfast out or indulgence in biscuits and gravy with an egg on top and a side of sausage (or bacon, but mostly sausage.) What can I say, that’s my favorite breakfast! It’s also so, so not healthy. Honestly, there’s not a healthy version of B&G on the planet that tastes as good as the original.

Mixed Berry, Vanilla and Chocolate Protein Shake flips flops and sensible shoes 30-days to healthy living
One scoop vanilla and one scoop of chocolate protein shake mix with frozen mixed berries and ice water.

I am now in the habit of drinking a morning shake. It’s tasty and satisfies that 10am hunger pang. I don’t get hungry earlier, so I don’t eat earlier (I know, I know, I need to eat within an hour of waking. Reality? It’s truly impossible for me to eat first thing without becoming nauseous!)

I also have one or two fizzy sticks a day, along with one probiotic (I really like the pomegranate flavor.) The orange is OK. I don’t love it, but it helps the water go down.

I’ve done pretty well with a big salad for lunch. I add a little brown rice to bulk it up, and sometimes I add some grilled chicken. Typically, there are raw sunflower seeds too.

What’s been hard is my love of salad dressing. What can I say, I’m all about the sauces and the dressings and the gravies. I can eat a day’s worth of calories with just salad dressing! Even a “healthy” dressing, when you use too much, is not healthy.

What’s Next? Another 30-Days to Healthy Living?

I’ve decided to do another 30-days. I will begin by sequestering myself for a week! I’ve taken a week off work to house/dog sit, and I’ve got plenty of product leftover (except the probiotic, which I will order on payday.)

I will do this thing 100% for six days, and hopefully, I’ll be so on track that I’ll be super good at it moving forward!

I will also take my measurements again. I am not sure if they’ve changed, but want a fresh start. Weighing myself will happen when I figure out how to change the batteries in my friend’s scale (it’s complicated!) I may just buy her a new scale…

30-Days to Healthy Living, Part Deux

Stay tuned…

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