Monthly Archives: July 2019

I volunteered at the Weedon Island Preserve parkrun #8. It was a steamy day with bugs, but hey, it’s Florida in July! parkrun is an international organization that sponsors a 5-k every Saturday at locations all around the world. Each chapter is championed by volunteers who work together to bring this activity to their community. […]

Wednesday began the four-day migraine. Sadly, I triggered it myself. “How,” you ask? I forgot to eat and I got dehydrated. How Does One Forget to Eat? I got busy. Having spent the day working on my blog and some training, I kept thinking, “I’ll eat when I finish this.” Famous last words. It’s something […]

I promised you I’d post a 30-Days to Healthy Living Part Deux post. I decided to begin a second time and do it better this time around! Then, you know, life…so I began AGAIN this week!! First Day I started again on July 8. I had a good day, with a shake, hummus, gluten-free crackers […]

There are many reasons why drinking water is good for you. Many people don’t drink enough water. Worse, some folks drink caffeinated drinks all day or drinks filled with the evil High Fructose Corn Syrup. I know because I used to be one of those people. Hello, My Name is Penny and I am a […]

It’s been a month, so it’s time for a 30-Days to Healthy Living recap. My 30-days were OK. They were also less than perfect. As a result, I’ve not seen fantastic results, but I have seen a few that make me hopeful! What I Learned I have never been a breakfast kind of gal, with […]