Monthly Archives: June 2019

Today is National Pineapple Day! Pineapple is not only tasty, it’s super healthy for you. Here are some ways that pineapple rocks for our bodies: Rich in Vitamin C May aid in enhancing weight loss Has been shown to aid in digestion for some folks Promotes healthy bones Jam packed with disease-fighting antioxidants Those antioxidants […]

It’s the age-old question, err, debate – diet or lifestyle change? The word “diet” suggests all kinds of words and feelings. Words like “deprivation” and “hunger”. Feelings like sadness, frustration, self-loathing. Diet and lifestyle change, while being two very similar things, are very different. Lifestyle change is softer, kinder, a gentler choice of words. In […]

I did my civic duty recently, and there are a few things I learned at Jury Duty. Pinellas County has a pretty decent jury waiting area. Get there early to get the good parking spot, short line and awesome seat in the waiting room. Take your phone and iPad. They have free WiFi and charging […]

I have this friend, a very bestest of friends. A friend that I met in the sixth grade. We met again in high school and though life has tossed us curve balls and opportunities, we are still friends 30ish years later.