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How to beat the holiday blues is something that many of us have to deal with each year and few talk about. Holiday blues happen for a number of reasons. It’s Winter! The sun shines much less in the winter than the rest of the year. December 21 is the shortest day of the year, […]

My adaptation of the mother’s Rocky Road Candy recipe is awesome. When I was a child, I don’t remember a lot of cool holiday traditions.  I do remember the baking and the candy that began in November and ended at Christmas.  Rocky Road Candy and Other Goodness! Cookies, pies, fudge, and my favorite, the mother’s […]

I had to give up dairy (mostly) when I realized how it was impacting my body. As a child, I hated drinking milk. I didn’t feel good after drinking it, and to this day, looking at a jug of milk makes my stomach turn and my mouth feel like I need to throw up. My […]

I’d like to tell you why you need to quit drinking soda. Then I’ll tell you how I did it so you can too! If anyone tells you it’s easy, they are lying to you. It’s hard. Damn hard! 8 Reasons to Quit Drinking Soda (and there are more if you do some research!) Soda […]

So, what were my personal 30-Days to Make a Change challenge results? I’m super, duper excited to report that I am absolutely ecstatic. Let me tell you something, change is good and I’ve seen changes! How Did I Do It? Cleaner Eating, Sensible Choices & Serving Sizes: Protein shakes 1-2 times a day Veggies and […]

You’re no doubt heard the term “find your tribe”, but what exactly is a tribe? A group of friends that becomes your family. The people that will be there for you no matter what and who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with. Although people may not understand how close they are and their […]

It was kind of a golden age, the time before September 11, 2001. Before September 11, there were no concerns about terrorists on American soil. It wasn’t even a thought to most. Air travel was easy. You could get to the airport an hour before your flight and make the flight with no problem, luggage […]

It’s been about a week, how’s your challenge going? Are you having a lot of good days? Just getting by each day? Trying to remember what challenge I’m talking about? My Update When last we chatted here, I was having a bit of an IBS issue. Well, that reared it’s ugly head the Saturday before […]

This week has been special what with a hurricane, IBS and a challenge right around the corner. We have a major hurricane headed toward Florida, which does nothing to help my IBS situation, and the 30 Days to Make a Change Challenge starts next week! Ironically, the day after the hurricane is due to arrive… […]

I simply didn’t believe I had IBS. I didn’t even really understand what it was or what it does. But I did, I mean I do, and here’s how it all came down… “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,a tale of a bad ordeal, that started on a Wednesday night, with one amazing meal…” […]